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The Professional Humans Podcast is an exploration into the challenges we face as working individuals who are trying to integrate work and life – to balance our personal beliefs and identities, raise our families, feel successful, and do it all without going bananas. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we certainly have a lot of the questions that we hope will provoke conversation that will lead to ideas for becoming even more professional, and even more human.

In this podcast, we’ll speak to other professional humans (or just talk amongst ourselves) on topics like mindfulness, communication, goal-setting, expectation setting, and productivity. We look forward to having you join the conversation!

Your Hosts, Josh Berg & Elli Rader


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DangerJosh has been a professional human since 2007. Prior to that, he was decidedly anti-professional and had no desires to be a corporate “suit.” Spoiler alert: he still doesn’t. The catalyst of change in him was when he learned that in order to have his ideas heard at Best Buy, he may need to ditch the mohawk, and meet the suits half-way. Since then, he’s been honing the art of engaging people in real ways, without sounding like a robot.



Elli Rader has been a professional human since 1996. Prior to that, she had no aspirations whatsoever toward being a professional, and really just wandered the country trying things out and exploring. The catalytic moment that converted her into a professional human was when the store manager of the coffee shop she worked at asked her on a smoke break, “Hey, I’m quitting. Do you want to be the new manager?” and Elli realized she TOTALLY DID. Ever since, she has continued to explore her way into a respectable career that she loves.

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