Episode 9 ~ How to Party, Holiday Edition (w/Lisa Mason)

GUEST: Lisa Mason

Josh & Elli have a chat with their friend Lisa Mason about how to party during company holiday party season. Ironically the three of them seem like they’d be more comfortable in a Lego party, a LAN party, or perhaps knitting. 

Things employees seem to NOT like in a work holiday party:

  • being tricked into working the party
  • when leadership gets out of control wasted and makes inappropriate remarks to staff
  • not having enough time to chat
  • they definitely do NOT like santa costumes
  • not crazy about potlucks in the office as the only party

Things they DO like:

  • being out of the office
  • getting a little – not too much – fancy
  • not having forced fun
  • not talking about work too much
  • really, most people seem to appreciate just a classy get together where they can socialize for a little while with the folks they work with

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