Episode 33 ~ Getting Your Dream Job Part 3: The *Not* To Do List (w/ Kelly Groehler)

We talked with Kelly Groehler of Sprosty Network about her progression from Director of External Relations at Best Buy to her present job working in a retail startup accelerator here in the Twin Cities. Kelly tells us about how she spent time deciding what she didn’t want to do, which ended up being important as she made her way to the role she’s in now.

After reflecting on the conversation, we found a pattern emerging in several of the conversations we’ve had where people we admire are doing jobs they love and finding that formal training or credentials are less important than they used to be. Kelly talks about it in this episode in regard to marketing communications, but you will also hear this in our episode about running a restaurant with Matty O’Reilly, in our episodes about getting your dream job with Tamara Dennison, about strategy with Justin Royer, about self organizing teams with Brad Walter, faking it until you make it with Jeff Kamin, and about the amazing job you don’t know you’re good at yet with Dena Alspach.

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