Episode 3 ~ Did That Just Blow Your Mindfulness?

Josh and Elli dig into the differences between meditation and mindfulness, and the benefits of each. Then their earnest attempt at active listening gets thwarted by their mindless dog.

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  • Contrary to what Josh said, we are not providing links to Wiki How in our resources

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2 Replies to “Episode 3 ~ Did That Just Blow Your Mindfulness?”

  1. At the risk of going “fan boy” on your podcast, this latest episode was amazing. Not only did you touch on big aspects of how I think about the world (Mindfulness in a work meeting/brushing teeth), but also nerdy references from Patrick Rothfuss, SoI&F series (Game of Thrones), “NAT20” (although I’m still a bigger fan of version 4 D&D), to biking, etc… etc…

    Anyway, I really would love to chat with you two. Not asking to be on the podcast, but more just pick your brains about being a Professional Human, being a parent, biking, RPGs, WHEN ROTHFUSS WILL FINISH THE NEXT BOOK, whatever…

    You’re both great, and I love hearing your voices (you both have great “radio voices”, FYI)!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. MikeBike! Thanks so much for the comment and the enthusiasm – and of course the nerdiness. Can’t wait to hang out and chat next week – and you better come with ideas about what to talk about on an episode. — elli

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