Episode 52: Normalizing Equity and Facing our Biases

As we wrap our series in partnership with the University of Minnesota about facing and addressing racism in the workplace, our guests Denise, Linford and Gabriel share ideas for how to continue to normalize the behaviors that will drive more equity and less bias. Professional Humans · Episode 52: Normalizing Equity & Facing our Biases

Episode 49: Understanding Racism at Work

Live Episode in partnership with the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management The events that have unfolded in our country since Memorial Day, when George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, have been staggering. People all over the world have been sad, lost, outraged, and grasping for what can be done to help. Help has Read More …

Episode 47: Networking during a Pandemic w/Aaron Keller

Elli chats with Aaron Keller, founder of Capsule Design in Minneapolis, about the importance and tactics of networking – especially if you can’t meet in person. Professional Humans · Episode 47 Networking during a Pandemic w/ Aaron Keller Relevant Links: Aaron on LinkedIn Capsule Design Think & Link

Episode 46: Forever Employable w/ Jeff Gothelf

Elli has a conversation with Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX and Sense & Respond. Jeff has a new book coming out called Forever Employable, and it’s a timely subject as our unemployment rate continues to climb during the COVID crisis. Relevant Links: Forever Employable, the book Whitesnake, the band Everything Jeff does

Season 2, Episode 6: Alter Egos and Inner Mentors

Aileen and Elli have a conversation with a human performance coach, resiliency expert, award winning author on the essential tools in the self advocacy tool kit. Jenny Evans, founder and CEO of Powerhouse Performance shares her insights on the role of alter egos (wait for it, she has one and you’re gonna want one too) Read More …

Season 2, Episode 4: Creating Your Own Conditions

Aileen and Elli have a conversation with a small business owner about creating an engaging culture with loyal employees. Kate Kunkel-Bailey shares some of her more corporate what-not-to-do stories that helped shape her view of the company culture she wanted to create with her team. Related Links: The Employee Engagement Myth The 318 Cafe